Friday, March 4, 2016

Phases of Mommyhood

Lately I have been entering into a new phase of motherhood. Instead of trying to find a few moments to myself in the midst of the little babe craziness I find myself with a quickly becoming independent almost toddler. She no longer needs me to perform her most basic functions, no longer needs me to nurse her every three hours and momma is not the only person she runs to when she has a boo-boo or is ready for naps. I am torn between wanting to spend every second of the day watching her every experience and struggling with my happiness at having more time for me and my husband. I think multiple times through the day is she not needing me so much because I am spending more time away from her? Is she just growing? How much of this change is me changing and how much her? These days find me both super happy to see my babe growing, to see her independence but also worried about not being a good mother. Motherhood is such a rollercoaster....

Taking a mommy day to myself with a nutella at Killer ESP
espresso while pondering the meaning of motherhood.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Knitted Love

I am in love with Wollmeise yarn. The love, care and attention spent on the color ways are simply delicious and when combined with their soft drape makes for  a yarn combination that I will continue to use for many years. I have had the pleasure to visit the Wollmeise shop in Pfaffenhofen, Germany several times over the years and am never disappointed by my trip. Something about being surrounded by so many colors at once breeds artistic inspiration and there are little touches of the sense of humor of the company and artists everywhere in the store, including their bathroom!

Whenever I purchase Wollmeise yarn I know I need to pick the perfect pattern. A pattern that allows for a nice drape to showcase the yarn but also a pattern with detail to showcase it colors and texture. I have numerous patterns that I have favorited on Ravelry just for this purchase. This Drops Design pattern has been a favorite for a number of years. I love the simplicity of construction including the uncomplicated lace pattern and sideway short rows. I began the pattern while Miss Charlotte was only a few months old and our little family was visiting friends and family in our old home of Stuttgart, Germany.

I find it strange that even months later many knitters can remember all the details of their project. I remember the emotions when buying the yarn, my thoughts on starting the project and all the places where I carefully completed the stitches. The pattern was cast on during a sunny day, in an attic room in Stuttgart during May. I remember thinking I should make the largest size possible as I always dread creating a project for my daughter and then letting it hibernate so long it that it will no longer fit.

I remember reminding myself as I knitted to think of how much I loved my daughter and all the babies after her who would wear the sweater. I found myself thinking of the man or woman who designed the pattern, dyed the yarn and perhaps most importantly the many women in my family who spent time knitting little garments for all the babies who came before me in my family. I remember praying for them and praying for Charlotte. I remember dreaming about what my own ancestors may have dreamed about while they knitted their own wool masterpieces. I dreamed of Charlotte seeing this sweater as an adult and feeling the love and prayers her momma knitted into each stitch. This is why I love knitting, I love how it connects us to the past and to the future. I love the time for reflection and calm it gives during this busy life so many of us lead.

This sweater was knitted during a warm vacation day, a late night watching tv with my husband, a train ride downtown D.C. for a work meeting, and playdates sitting next to Charlotte while she crawled and played and later while she walked. It will keep her warm in the winter and in the summer and fills me with joy to see her wear it. Reading these words reminds me of a love letter written to a sweater, a silly concept. In reality this is a love letter to my daughter. It is a reminder for me and to her future self to take time to pause, create, reflect and love. I hope she feels this deep love even now as a wee one wearing her momma's knitted love.

Monday, January 25, 2016


One of my dearest friends in the world, literally as we once again live on different continents, mentioned she is once again visiting Rome. As we talked about her love of the city I immediately began remembering my last trip to Rome. The taste of gelato, fresh watermelon and zuchini blossoms stuffed with artisan cheese and meats. The quest for an out of season jerusalem artichoke prepared as they only do in Rome. Of course, the beautiful sunrises and sunsets behind scenes of ancient faded ruins. The time spent with good friends and my dear husband. To Rome with love!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Olivia Macaroon Georgetown

Olivia Macaron is an amazing place located in downtown Georgetown. Are you a fan of macarons? Are you planning a trip to Washington D.C.? Or simply a local looking for the best macaron experience this side of the Atlantic? My sisters and mom decided that a girls date was a necessity and what is a girl date without a dessert experience and coffee?

{Image Credit: @livkuchlbauer}
If you are visiting the Washington D.C. area, or like me live within driving or train distance you need to take the time to try out this local business! Our favorite thing to do is to pick up several macarons, then walk next door to the little market Dean & DeLuca to pick up a yummy latte and sit in the outdoor patio. WARNING: Entering Dean & DeLuca may cause you to spend money on various kitchen items and treats that you never knew you needed!

{Image Credit: @HelloEmilyEliza}
Macarons are being called the next cupcake craze and it is easy to look in a glass window and become caught up in what I call the 'sugar image.' There have been many times when I purchase a macaron only to bite into it and realize that it is too dry, the almonds are not ground to the right consistency or it dissolves into a mushy mess of dampness....yuck. I have high standards and have done my macaron research. I know the right humidity, temperature and ingredient quality to use and I do not like to be disappointed. My favorite places to find macaroons are Paris, France and Brussels, Belgium so it was a treat to find Olivia Macaron in my new home here in Washington D.C. If you are interested in learning more about the fine craft of macaroons check out this class on

{Image Credit: @HelloEmilyEliza}
My favorite flavors? Salted Caramel and Wedding Almond. What are your favorite places to purchase macaroons? Let me know if Olivia Macaron is on your list!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Sometimes it is so hard to believe I am a little girl mommy. Yet here is my tiny lady, wearing her Beaufort Bonnet and sweet smocked dress at the pumpkin patch. I can remember dreaming of little dresses like these, and feeling a little jealous of the pretty baby girls in their bonnets. Much love to all you mommies playing with your little baby girls today no matter their age!

Little Lady

Miss Charlotte and her Grammie. Bonnet {Beaufort Bonnet Company}

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