Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Nancy, France + Picnic

A group of girlfriends and I woke up early and headed to Nancy (pronounced Nonsae, or so I am told) France for a picnic, we had a lovely time! The city is about three hours from Stuttgart, Germany and is an amazing mix of architecture, shopping and gardens. We entered the town around 10:00 o’clock and carried our picnic basket to the large historic market where we picked up fresh cheese, meats and some strange duck items (I did not avail myself of this item). Then we headed to the park to pick up baguettes and enjoy the sunshine, fruits and homemade lemon bars!



I love these pics of Elizabeth snapping pictures, the quilt is a rescue I found at a family members home, handmade and gorgeous!





“Baguettes…that what she said!”




We finished the day having fun with our cameras and strolling the city for unique finds before heading back home. A lovely day and I cannot wait to go back!




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