Saturday, January 28, 2012

Recycled Travel Journal 2011

Sometimes I think Mr. C. might find me just a slight bit crazy. Scraps of paper, pieces of string and my favorite corrugated boxes. I keep them all stored flat behind the sofa in my art room just waiting for inspiration to strike…Luckily this week it did and I proved just how useful an old box can be!

Introducing… “See the World 2011!”


Made of old boxes, travel receipts and the fun October Afternoon travel collections this little book was made in about 3 hours during a scrapbooking play date. I was so excited to finish it so quickly! The speed is dedicated to two factors. The first is a lack of pictures. Do you find that adding pictures really slow you down? I print my own photos  and I can never decide the best pictures to include. It was so much fun to just journal my thoughts!


The second reason why this book was completed so quickly was because of my new friend Julie. Meeting Julie was a little crazy…I had signed up for a scrapbooking class but found that I was flying to Germany the day after. I went to the class with my mother to pick up the kit and while talking to the teacher (Julie) found out she was moving overseas, to Germany and to the exact same town! What does that mean? We had to become friends.

So how does this new friend help me scrapbook faster? By being super positive, a friend to chat with and someone to bounce ideas off. Julie is my new go to girl for scrapping, chatting and fun. Did I mention we are planning a scrapbooking trip to Paris this spring? YAY!


So what have we learned? Sometimes craziness is good…especially cardboard cravings and receipt storage…and it might just be the reason Mr. C. likes loves me so much!

Check back later this week for more recycled travel journal fun…and here is hoping that you are having fun with your scrapbook friends this weekend!




  1. Hi Katie! I saw your comment on my blog. Unfortunately I live about 450 km away from you. I´d have liked to meet you, but it is too far away, sorry! But if you search for German scrapbooking friends, then sign up in a German scrapbooking forum. You can find local scrapbooking friends there. Was my English correct? I hope so.

  2. LOVE this! It is really fun to scrap w/o picts sometimes :)

  3. Very cute - and sounds like it was super fun to create as well - that's always a plus! Thanks for sharing it! :)

  4. nice pages-love all the layers of ink and paint!

  5. Great look to your journal. Love it!

  6. Ok, your post just made me get up from the computer and go and make smth!=)

  7. Cute art journal! I especially love the stitching around the airplane!


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