Sunday, February 5, 2012

Smash Books?

As promised I gave a peak into my smash book while on-site traveling here in Bratislava Slovakia, you can see the post here. You can see my other Slovakia posts here. I realized that while some readers can talk about Smash books and understand each of their products some of you may be a little confused at the term “Smash Book” so get ready to be schooled!!

Smash books are a fun spiral bound notebooks and you can “smash almost anything into a smash book, in fact that is the whole idea. Tickets, receipts, photos and musings from the day. This video from K&Company:

Some people just don’t get the idea of a Smash book, why not just use a note book? Why is this product so popular? I think it is popular for two reasons. The first is that we like to buy things, and we like things to be cute, fun and easy. Why use a plain notebook and colored pencils when I could buy a fun Smash book? Two, I think that the idea of smash book is very liberating. If you are a scrapbooker who reads about color placement, balancing a layout, yada yada yada…then there is something exciting about literally taking anything and “smashing it” (I always visualize a giant hand doing this) without concern for anything but recording the memory.

It took me a little while to get excited about the Smash book…it wasn’t until I was in the States to visit my family and I bought the Smash book for reason number one that was mentioned above…in fact I went a little crazy!

Which is why…I spent last week sitting in caf├ęs, the hotel and a street corner in Slovakia collecting items, taking instax pictures and smashing!

By the have you checked out the new Paperclipping video on the new Craft and Hobby Association (CHA) Winter 2012 release? Baby, weddings and 8.5x11 Smash books are some of the fun items on display.

Check it out!

Hope you have a “smashing” day! I love saying this…so corny…



  1. Almost bought one the other day. Reminds me of my mom's old scrapbooks from the 40's and 50's. So much fun to look at! :-)

  2. I love my smash books. And the new line is adorable. I have friends that don't get it and just use an old notebook or something. I think the Smash is cute.

  3. Great work on that smash book and I loved how you described it! Love Penny


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