Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A DIY Pink & Gold Postpartum Baby Shower

We had such a lovely time with friends and family at my post-baby shower. While it was not the most traditional, having a baby shower after the baby arrives it was perfect for our little family. My parents and youngest sister flew in Brazil and another sister from the east coast to meet us at the family homestead in Michigan.


So many people we love came to the party. We had homemade cupcakes, a handmade photo backdrop (seriously can you believe how cool that is??), handmade cupcake toppers and glittered clothespins and tiny chocolate covered cookies. We had games with Brazilian golden grass jewelry prizes. Of course we also had to have a table for friends and family to leave notes and messages for Charlotte along with their instax camera shot!

My five sisters and mother created everything you see even the tassel banners. It rocks to have a large family that loves you and is handy with...well their hands. Charlotte was such a sweetheart at the shower posing, smiling, snuggling and saying hello. These pictures of Charlotte in the Made by Rae Geranium dress I created (see here for details) are some of my favorite pictures of her so far.


Such a sweet and lovely day!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Charlotte's Geranium Dress

Charlotte's baby shower was last weekend. This is not the normal sequencing of most baby showers, but with an international move for both myself and my mother and a sister changing states within the U.S. having a post baby shower ended up working great! The theme of the party with pink and gold (as you know I love glitter) and Charlotte needed a dress that would meet the party theme.

I have been saving a Narwhal print by Sarah Jane from the Out to Sea collection for a special occasion. I love her fabrics and designs. She brings a beautiful childlike dream quality to her work which makes me think of my own childhood. After selecting the fabric I needed a pattern. I had picked up some Simplicity patterns during a 99 cent Joann Fabrics sale during my last minute baby crafting craze but honestly they did not look that inspiring.

I had been admiring the Geranium dress pattern by Made by Rae for a long time and decided that this would be the perfect pattern to try. It was awesome! I think after trying out a pdf sewing pattern I don't know if I will ever want to go back to a traditional paper sewing pattern. With full scale color images explaining each step and a huge online community of inspiration and trouble shooting guidance it made sewing a breeze and I finished the dress in about 2.5 hours.

I made the 0-3 months size of the pattern for the bodice, but for the skirt the 24 months size. Charlotte is really long! Plus I liked the extra gathers the larger length provided and by creating a deeper hem should be able to make a new bodice to attach to the skirt once she grows out of the 0-3 month size. As you know babies grow fast! I chose not to do the hem stitching and instead blind stitched the inside lining following the pattern tutorial. As I do not have a serger I also used french seaming techniques for all the seams in the skirt to create a beautiful inside finish.

To finish the dress up I added a gold crocheted collar, which was something of a pain to design the pattern! I worked on it during dentist appointments, trips to dinner with friends and watching late night movies and I actually finished it! The last minute addition was the gold crocheted bow on her headband. Made quickly in the car it was the perfect addition.

Did I mention those pretty sequin shoes? Check back for the details on how to make those!

Mr. C. giving Charlotte a hug for being such a great model!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

My Greatest Adventure

Charlotte M. Cavanaugh
Born: July, 2014

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Project Life Updates

I have been having a blast with project life…mainly relaxing and simply enjoying the process of documenting our life.

Working on project life while in and out of the hospital, and away from my art room (which is now across the ocean) is especially challenging! To keep me motivated and involved I have purchased the Elise Blaha Cripe Seafoam kit from AC Digitals and am working on Project Life from the computer.


One thing that I have changed in my project life approach is that when I first started I wanted to complete a two page scrapbook spread for every week…this concept is so stressful! I have read so many blogs, and spoken with so many people that become stressed out with the catch-up involved with the weekly project life process. It made me think…first do I want the stress? second do I want a 104 scrapbook pages every year! As a person who has made the move overseas and the method of weighing your household contents the thought of potentially two albums for each year was daunting.

So I have scaled back…taken it easy and am working on my albums when I find time. This helps me to record important things, but more importantly to ENJOY documenting important things.

If you have on checked out the new American Crafts (AC digitals) digital site I would really encourage it,they have really done a great job!


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Knitted Stories…The Winter Warmth Shawl

This shawl has been a long time coming. Began earlier this year in March it has seen and experienced a lot of memories with Mr. C. and I this year.


The shawl first began on a shopping trip with a girlfriend in my town Stuttgart Germany. It was purchased in a little store called Wolle & Tee or for us english, Wool & Tea. A sweet little shop where the lady who runs it lives in the back of her store and specializes in wool and tea.

The yarn then followed me to America, where when we were waiting to see if my mother would survive a deadly infection my sister and I found a pattern in a vogue magazine and there in the hospital room the shawl was conceived.


As my mother recovered the shawl then followed me back to Europe, where it visited the Netherlands, Italy and France and in early June the romance of a beach in the little country of Montenegro. The shawl was with me during two friends weddings and during the death of a family member. It comforted me during my illness in the autumn and warmed my lap during cozy nights at home with Mr. C. It visited my work for lunch time knits and while counting it’s numerous stitches I made big decisions about my life.

The night it was finished was the night before I left Germany to head to the states for my surgery and I quickly blocked it (for those non-knitters blocking is the final step of the knit process). The idea of leaving it alone in Germany while I started a new adventure was unsupportable.

Now the shawl covers me as I write this and as I think about the shawl’s story. I think about how much bigger the story is than even my version, recorded here on my blog. I think of the yarn maker, the pattern maker. I think of the future stories of the shawl. How it will follow me on more life adventures, how it will hopefully warm Mr. C and mine babies when they are a little and where it as brides.

I remember a piece of knitted lace first seen as a young girl of eight in my Aunt’s house and was told it was knitted by one of my German ancestors long ago. I hope that someday this shawl will be in a future generations house and a young girl or boy will be told the same thing of this winter warmth shawl.



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