Monday, February 6, 2012

Nightsongs for Grandma Rita


DSC_0494 copyNightsongs, before blocking…

Grandma Rita is turning ninety-five years old this year…and since we have moved overseas I miss knowing that we can stop by to say hello whenever we want. It also makes it harder to let her know that we love her by not being their to give hugs or comfort her if she is ill. For her birthday gift I really wanted to let her how much she means to us and decided to make her a knitted lace shawl.DSC_0504 copy

I chose the lace pattern for two reasons. One, I wanted a shawl so that whenever she uses it she is wrapped up in hugs, and the happy wishes and prayers I knitted into each stitch. Let me just say that knitting happy thoughts into each stitch was really hard when I had to spend five hours ripping out a section! Mr. C. laughed hard at my attempts to crack jokes and stay positive when he knew that I wanted to complain!

DSC_0502 copyI cut the deadline of mailing it so closely that I had to take the finished photographs in the my work office!

The second reason I chose a lace shawl pattern was because I wanted the pattern to be hard an complicated. The more complicated, the longer it would take me to make and how can you prove love but with time?

DSC_0498 copy

The reward for the time and effort? A happy grandma, calling to say how much she loved it! I wish I was there to see her wearing it in person.

Come back later this week to find out details on the pattern, where you can find it for free and tips on choosing patterns and yarn for lace projects…

Have a wonderful day!



  1. You are lucky to have grandma at tis age!
    ps. beautiful girl:)

  2. WOW! 95 years young! That's incredible! I'm positive your grandma will adore this, and how could a person not, feel loved when they are wrapped in the warmth and beauty of a handknit shawl???

  3. I agree with everything Michelle said, plus the shawl is beautiful.

  4. Amazing that she is 95 wow! Beautiful job anyone would be thankful for that.

  5. Oh, Katie! What a beautiful gift and made with love & prayers = PERFECT! You are both blessed!!

  6. I love this shawl and the reasons why you chose this pattern and made it! Happy Birthday to your sweet grandma! :-)

  7. That shawl is BEAUTIFUL! I am sure she will love it! Lovely work! Love Penny

  8. Hi Katie, Here's a blast from your past! It's Krissy from Skein's on Main... That shawl is amazing and beautiful just like you. Miss you!

  9. Hi there! That lace shawl is the most beautiful piece of knitting I have seen! You are so sweet tro make this for your gran!


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