Monday, December 5, 2011

December Daily on the Road

I find that taking the time to record your day, is always a challenge, but taking the time to do it every day while traveling?

It’s extra-challenging, super-dangerous and really fun!

Ok, maybe not dangerous though the security inspectors at the airport may find some of the sharp scissors I own dangerous so I am not stretching that far, right?

DSC_0152blogDecember Daily on the Road, In Progress

While not entirely dangerous journaling on the road can limit your creativity in the traditional sense. No large craft table, sewing machine or paints available. You log into the internet using free internet at the airport or hotel and find the multitude of beautiful December Daily journals being created…and you feel…discouraged. This is not the time to be discouraged! Journaling on the road is a great way to take your creativity to the next level and think outside of the box. So if you are on the road a lot this December, or are simply feeling discouraged looking over other December Daily creations don’t give in, keep creating.

The important part of this project is not to create the perfect December Daily, but to record your daily activities and traditions to laugh over, reminisce and reflect upon in future years.

Here are some ways that I have used to create and journal on the go:

1. If you are really limited on time and luggage space use your computer to type a quick summary of your day, or record a conversation with a local national that meant a lot to you. File the jotted notes into the same location as the photos you are taking. When you arrive home you can print or hand-write the items into your scrapbook.

2. Leave your supplies at home…only bring the basics, a scissor and a pen. This will encourage you to scour the city looking for items to use in your creation. My recent trip to Paris resulted in a old Post ledger, washi tape and some postcards, I will be posting the awesome creation I made with these supplies later!

3. Create a pre-made journal, such as my Italia week journal and bring washi tape, scissors and a few pencils and pens to create a travel smash book/art journal.

For my December Daily entries this week I chose to bring my completed ring binder, washi tape, hole punch and scissors to Lithuania. My goal is to journal on the go and hole punch various brochures and tape in receipts and other fun items I find. Then when I arrive home I can add pictures and it will be complete!

Some items I have collected so far include the brochure from the Prague Christmas market.


I did not hole punch this one as I need my sewing machine to complete this page! For the time being it is carefully tucked into the album while traveling.

I also picked up several great items here is Vilnius, Lithuania. You can see in the photo below that the top ten Vilnius book was hole punched and added.


By the way, we are having a great time in Lithuania so far…I even got my picture taken with a Lemur! At least I think it was a Lemur, poor stuffed little guy!


- Katie


  1. It's probably a weasel. Lemurs have stripe tail (at least it's what google says).
    I think that making notes on the road is more important than having lots of supplies. You can always decorate journal later, but forget something fun=)

  2. I agree about taking notes rather than having the supplies on the road! So important!! :)
    Love how you added little bits and pieces from road as you are going!

  3. Recording memories while traveling can be extremely difficult but it sounds like you have it well in hand!! Have fun!!

  4. So many great ideas here. Love your work.

  5. Great ideas here! I'll be traveling soon too, so this is perfect!

  6. Great ideas & tips for traveling...thanks!!


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