Friday, March 4, 2016

Phases of Mommyhood

Lately I have been entering into a new phase of motherhood. Instead of trying to find a few moments to myself in the midst of the little babe craziness I find myself with a quickly becoming independent almost toddler. She no longer needs me to perform her most basic functions, no longer needs me to nurse her every three hours and momma is not the only person she runs to when she has a boo-boo or is ready for naps. I am torn between wanting to spend every second of the day watching her every experience and struggling with my happiness at having more time for me and my husband. I think multiple times through the day is she not needing me so much because I am spending more time away from her? Is she just growing? How much of this change is me changing and how much her? These days find me both super happy to see my babe growing, to see her independence but also worried about not being a good mother. Motherhood is such a rollercoaster....

Taking a mommy day to myself with a nutella at Killer ESP
espresso while pondering the meaning of motherhood.

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