Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Busy Day

Yesterday was a long day of house and job hunting. We saw two apartments but neither one was perfect...or even close. The first  was in a lovely neighborhood, Pliezhasen but the ceilings were so low Shaun did not fit well, and the master bath was larger than the master bedroom! The second apartment was right next to an energy plant, the picture to the right is not what we want to see every morning. It also was very strange with a children's music school below. We were assured that the children would not bother us, but even on our first visit a child ran into us *grin*.

For dinner we attended our first Volksmarching membership meeting. What is Volksmarching? It's a lot like walking *grin*. You can learn more about it at Shaun and I might take Eggs for a walk this weekend. At then end of the day we were all pretty exhausted. I think it is the time of day for best friends.

Shaun and Eggs enjoying best friend time last Sunday.

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