Thursday, October 30, 2014

Charlotte's Geranium Dress

Charlotte's baby shower was last weekend. This is not the normal sequencing of most baby showers, but with an international move for both myself and my mother and a sister changing states within the U.S. having a post baby shower ended up working great! The theme of the party with pink and gold (as you know I love glitter) and Charlotte needed a dress that would meet the party theme.

I have been saving a Narwhal print by Sarah Jane from the Out to Sea collection for a special occasion. I love her fabrics and designs. She brings a beautiful childlike dream quality to her work which makes me think of my own childhood. After selecting the fabric I needed a pattern. I had picked up some Simplicity patterns during a 99 cent Joann Fabrics sale during my last minute baby crafting craze but honestly they did not look that inspiring.

I had been admiring the Geranium dress pattern by Made by Rae for a long time and decided that this would be the perfect pattern to try. It was awesome! I think after trying out a pdf sewing pattern I don't know if I will ever want to go back to a traditional paper sewing pattern. With full scale color images explaining each step and a huge online community of inspiration and trouble shooting guidance it made sewing a breeze and I finished the dress in about 2.5 hours.

I made the 0-3 months size of the pattern for the bodice, but for the skirt the 24 months size. Charlotte is really long! Plus I liked the extra gathers the larger length provided and by creating a deeper hem should be able to make a new bodice to attach to the skirt once she grows out of the 0-3 month size. As you know babies grow fast! I chose not to do the hem stitching and instead blind stitched the inside lining following the pattern tutorial. As I do not have a serger I also used french seaming techniques for all the seams in the skirt to create a beautiful inside finish.

To finish the dress up I added a gold crocheted collar, which was something of a pain to design the pattern! I worked on it during dentist appointments, trips to dinner with friends and watching late night movies and I actually finished it! The last minute addition was the gold crocheted bow on her headband. Made quickly in the car it was the perfect addition.

Did I mention those pretty sequin shoes? Check back for the details on how to make those!

Mr. C. giving Charlotte a hug for being such a great model!

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  1. Her ensemble is beyond adorable. It's awesome to create custom outfits for our babies special occasions.


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