Sunday, March 8, 2015

Baby Eleni

My heart feels a little broken tonight. For over a year now I have been following Rachel, from the blog 'Stitched in Color'  on her journey to have a baby. I read her posts about her hope to become pregnant when I was hoping to become pregnant. When I became pregnant I thought of her and prayed for her to have the new little one she wrote about desperately wanting. I was overjoyed when I read that her little baby was due. I love checking her blog to see the little things she has been making, it keeps me inspired to move forward on my own projects and reminds me of what miracles babies are.

{image credit: Stitched in Color}

Tonight, just before bed I checked her blog to see if her little girl Eleni had arrived and she had! Unfortunately due to still unknown complications little Eleni was born with major medical issues. You can read more about Eleni and Rachel's journey here.

{image credit: Stitched in Color}

As I sit here with tears pouring down my face, praying for this woman I have never met, nor even talked to I am amazed at how this God works in the world.

This little girl Eleni, who has only been alive for a few hours, has touched so many people just by existing. We have read the words of her mothers heart, and have seen the pictures of her love manifested for this little baby girl. For such a little life, her life has been so amazing. She has a special purpose in God's plan, and her little life has touched mine and made it richer for knowing her. All my heart and prayers go to her family.

If you are interested in helping Eleni's family they have a benefit action, "Action for Eleni" starting 14 March which you can find here. Jodi at Tales of Cloth is also making a 'love quilt' for Eleni if you would like to donate a little hexie flower.

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