Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Olivia Macaroon Georgetown

Olivia Macaron is an amazing place located in downtown Georgetown. Are you a fan of macarons? Are you planning a trip to Washington D.C.? Or simply a local looking for the best macaron experience this side of the Atlantic? My sisters and mom decided that a girls date was a necessity and what is a girl date without a dessert experience and coffee?

{Image Credit: @livkuchlbauer}
If you are visiting the Washington D.C. area, or like me live within driving or train distance you need to take the time to try out this local business! Our favorite thing to do is to pick up several macarons, then walk next door to the little market Dean & DeLuca to pick up a yummy latte and sit in the outdoor patio. WARNING: Entering Dean & DeLuca may cause you to spend money on various kitchen items and treats that you never knew you needed!

{Image Credit: @HelloEmilyEliza}
Macarons are being called the next cupcake craze and it is easy to look in a glass window and become caught up in what I call the 'sugar image.' There have been many times when I purchase a macaron only to bite into it and realize that it is too dry, the almonds are not ground to the right consistency or it dissolves into a mushy mess of dampness....yuck. I have high standards and have done my macaron research. I know the right humidity, temperature and ingredient quality to use and I do not like to be disappointed. My favorite places to find macaroons are Paris, France and Brussels, Belgium so it was a treat to find Olivia Macaron in my new home here in Washington D.C. If you are interested in learning more about the fine craft of macaroons check out this class on Craftsy.com.

{Image Credit: @HelloEmilyEliza}
My favorite flavors? Salted Caramel and Wedding Almond. What are your favorite places to purchase macaroons? Let me know if Olivia Macaron is on your list!


  1. Hi Katie! Those macarons look incredible. I'm thinking about trying to make some of my own... Sally's Baking Addiction blog recently published a detailed macaron tutorial.

    1. I have been wanting to as well! I have several books and most of the ingredients...maybe we should plan a baking day?


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