Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Sweetest of Sweethearts

When I first met Shaun I must say I did not find him very sweet! It was only after several months that I began to realize the depth of his character and quiet strength. I often call these traits "sweet" which I think does not lend enough credence to what I am trying to convey with the word as "sweet" is used much too often.

I saw these character traits in Shaun while visiting Armenia when he saw a little puppy outside of the hotel door. There are stray dogs all over the city but this dog in particular is so sweet! He lays outside of the hotel often switching to different positions. I saw him today after returning from the museum and remembered that Shaun had mentioned how upset he was to see him the night before and that he had no food to give him. I quickly hurried upstairs to leave my bags so I could walk to the store to pick him up some food. I admonished myself as I ran to the store for possibly being silly but knew how much it would please Shaun and he is such a sweet little puppy.
We have since given the puppy more of food (his little tail wags each time!) and wish it was possible to take him home. I am happy I have such a thoughtful person for a husband who encourages and assists me in helping others less fortunate, even the world's little puppies...


  1. Now that is what I call real diplomacy.

  2. Sweet little story! I always said Shaun has a heart of mush--alot of people never get to see it!!


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