Sunday, January 30, 2011

Vintage Photo Tutorial

So I really love vintage pictures...even if they are not vintage. I like taking a picture, aging it then pretending that I am a glamorous woman who really lived in the 1940's, or that the people I love are so well loved that I have preserved their pictures through time. If you love vintage pictures to then check out designer digitals new tutorial at The technique on this video seemed a little easy so I started looking up other tutorials and found a great link source at Check out my tutorial results!

Inspired by:
So I hope you will have fun checking out the photo editing links...especially Stacy if she reads this because she has Photoshop and I only brought Elements with me to Germany and cannot have as much fun as I would like *sob*...please feel sorry for me *grin*. Also to those of you who ask...I still do love my husband (he questioned the past tense) it just looked better on the comic strip like that!

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