Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Yarn Shopping in Dublin, Ireland

Yesterday was spent organizing part of my yarn collection, the word “part” is used because I think there might be too much to organize in one day!

The best part about organizing a stash is remembering what you have, like the alpaca lace weight yarn by the Dublin dye company I bought in Dublin at the store, This is Knit in fall of 2010.

If you get the chance to visit Dublin or live nearby I would definitely recommend a stop by the store. A lot of the time when I travel and look for unique local items at the area’s arts and crafts stores I often leave disappointed as many of the items are international brands, this won’t be the case at This is Knit! While the store is tiny they had 2-3 local brands which were all gorgeous and the staff assisted me in finding patterns by local designers. My only disappointment? There were no green dyes…boo… My St. Paddy Day scarf yarn will have to wait for another year.

The store is located in the Powerscourt Townhouse Centre near Grafton Street. While the Dublin guides called it a mall, it is more like a multi-story market hall and you can sit under the glass in the middle enjoying the sunshine. In addition to the, This is Knit store the downstairs has a great trim and millinery store. I walked around this store just staring at the beautiful lace trims for what felt like forever I could not get enough of the ribbons, laces, buttons and feathers. Don’t spend the rest of your money at the millinery store, save a little but don’t spend all your money here (. When you have taken your fill of shopping (or emptied your pockets done shopping head upstairs for a yummy gelato cone and cart all your great local purchases back to the hotel. Check it out!

And when you arrive at the hotel you may find that while you were working hard shopping for yarn your own Mr. C. found the mall flower shop to bring you a surprise!

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