Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Slovak National Theatre

Mr. C. and I attended our first Opera last night, La Fille Du Regiment or in English The Daughter of the Regiment. I cannot say that Opera as a music form will become a favorite for us…or that the music transported us to a new plane of culture and enlightenment but I can say it was an experience we will never forget.
blog8I just love the cover of the program!
Throughout the day several locals I spoke with told me how lovely the theatre was…the coat room, the bar and the lovely theater. When we first arrived we were pretty surprised. The bar, bathrooms and coatroom had a very dated look to them. We thought, why have all the tourism books recommended attendance so highly?
blog9Mr. C. is such a ham, he made sure to crinkle his eyes in this photo because the show Lie to Me says a fake smile never has wrinkles (he was proving them wrong).

Then we entered the theater…it was so charming. I felt like I had stepped back in time as I looked at the various boxes and when we climbed to the very top floor it was gorgeous! More than even the architecture of the theater was watching the locals in attendance. In a range of different colorful outfits some they laughed and clapped while the Opera went through it’s libretto and arias on stage. I realized that while the theatre had some older portions that the performers were having such a wonderful happy time that they brought joy to their craft that I often find missing in many live performances. And the voices and costumes! So perfect. I cannot also forget the audience though strange to see children (as an American) at the theatre it was wonderful that the old were passing this art tradition to the younger generation.
blog6I give you the Opera from the very top! (at least during intermission!)
If you have the opportunity to visit Slovakia I agree with the tour books and recommend that you take a visit to the old Slovak National Theater. If possible, dress in layers and buy a ticket for the main floor and after Act 1 climb to the very top to watch the theater from above for Act 2. I recommend layers as it was very hot in the top portion of the theater even during the Winter! Most importantly when visiting the Slovak National Theater cast out judgments on what makes a performance or theater perfect and enter with a heart and mind ready to receive the enthusiasm, joy and beauty of the Slovak National Theater. Enjoy!
To find out more about the Slovak National Theatre or La Fille Du Regiment you can visit:
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  1. Oh those photos are GORGEOUS! Love them! I have never been to an opera, but before Richard Harris died I attended a musical of "Camelot", that was GREAT! I wish I had photos of that event now! Love Penny Scrap-aholic@blogspot.com

  2. Looks like it was a great evening!

  3. What a beautiful theatre. I've never been to an opera before--not sure I could deal with a whole evening of it, but I'd love to just be in a theatre like that.

  4. What beautiful pictures...That theatre is gorgeous.


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