Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Painful Recollections

I have been quiet on the blog this year…because life has been full of changes.

Last year I published a post on documenting painful aspects of our life, as well as our happy moments. Documenting pain is hard. This year was particularly rough my corner of the world, as you may have noticed my posts on the blog were greatly reduced.

Writing during pain is exhausting…documenting your thoughts and feelings can sometimes at first glance seem depressing. You think, “I am living pain! Why would I want to take moments when I feel good to write and recollect about it?”

Many of us who document…document for posterity. We want to recollect and share our lives with others. For myself, I want this sharing to include the things that tore at me…that reduced me to my lowest self, that brought me pain…because this type of documentation is the real you…not the pretty version…not the happy version…this real version of you is the version that others can identify with, emphasize with and learn with.

This Tuesday I will undergo my PAO surgery on my left hip and I am ready. I have created my journal, placed my favorite smash book pen in the hospital bag and am ready to begin recording one of the more painful…but hopefully in the long-term joyous occasions of my life.




  1. How brave of you to document this painful time! May you find lots of glimpses of joy amidst the pain!

  2. Thank you so much, I am looking to try to find the joy every day...it is so helpful to know that others are wishing for me to find the joyful aspects as well!


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