Sunday, September 25, 2011

Milano, Italia: El Duomo!

Two weeks ago I took my first trip to Italia + my first trip as a tour escort in training! Have I mentioned I am training to be a tour escort? I am super-excited travel is one of my favorite things to discuss and I will soon have busloads of people to talk “at” now (just kidding lol).


On the rooftop of the El Duomo.

Highlights of my Milan trip:

- Meeting a great group of ladies to spend the day with.

- Having an Italian waiter “shush” us because we were too loud.

- Listening to a street musician playing themes from the Godfather.

- Spinning on the bulls… ahem… man parts for good luck (hey it’s in all the guidebooks!).

- Drinking wine, lemoncello and caipirinhas (which was super strong).

- The El Duomo!

If you get the chance to go to Milan you have to visit the El Duomo. According to my sources (super-secret cannot be shared, just kidding google it!) this Milan cathedral is the 4th largest cathedral in the world. You are probably thinking okay, big cathedral maybe I will check it out if I make it to Milan…this is where I say… they let you climb the roof! Now you may be thinking like I was before visiting the cathedral that there are lot’s of big buildings and churches with tiny staircases that let you climb and climb and climb to take pictures of the city skyline, but this cathedral let you walk the entire roof (except for portions under construction of course).

You are right next to the gothic architecture, the gargoyles and can walk across the stone shingles. The experience was so surreal I had to stop in awe and simply stare up, down to the right and to the left. Everywhere I looked were details so unique and intricate it would take hours to see even a portion of the detail and artistry. 

I and a brand new girlfriend (we met on the trip, our husbands had both skipped out!) spent close to an hour exploring and I still do not feel like I saw everything. I cannot wait to go back, maybe bring a picnic lunch this time or simply recline against the stone shingle peak and rest and reflect in the sunshine. This was such an appreciated experience. If you would like to visit I would highly recommend this spot, they even have an elevator if your tired tourist feet do not feel like climbing the stairs.

More Milan Pictures to Come this Week!

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