Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Prague, Our City of Love

I. Love. Prague.

Mr. C. and I first visited this city in 2009 and after our visit last Monday have once again agreed that it is one of our favorite cities in the world. I love the way the streets wind, the wide open spaces, the multiple bridges and the way the cityscape is not broken up by one ugly concrete block building but is instead romantic rooftop after romantic roof top.

When visiting make sure you take time to walk the Karlovy (Charles) Bridge and visit Wenceslas Square. If you don’t know much of the history in the Czech Republic over the last 70 years I would recommend a visit to the small, campy but informative communist museum. I would also make sure to visit the Old Town Square and peek into the various churches. The main train station in New Town, while old is also worth a view for the fantastic, crumbling architecture as well as the hidden Wallenstein Garden on the senate grounds near the castle.

Mr. C. and I saw so many things that were unchanged since our last visit, but were amazed at how much had changed via the drive of the city residents to improve their surroundings. If you live in Europe, or are taking a trip to Europe make sure you plan a day or two in this wonderful, relaxing city.

(What a pretty picture, except for the part of my dress that should not be showing *sigh* lol).

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