Wednesday, February 1, 2012

International SMASH: Slovakia

This week has been pretty stressful. Working, playing, working more and hanging out with Mr. C. But no matter what happens good or bad I want to make sure I record it!!


Memory keeping on the road can be really difficult. We have a tendency to want to bring all of our supplies and if we don’t have something, can be over critical of our results. Often when I travel I have 3 different journal systems that I choose from depending on the trip type. You can read about these systems in my December Daily post on site in Lithuania here.

This week, for my Slovakia trip I decided to only bring the following:
    1. My International Smash folio, Bon Voyage Travel Journal + pen

    2. Three mini smash journal spot books

    3. Scissors + washi tape

    4. My instax and a few Studio Calico kraft butterfly stickers

Bringing limited supplies helps you to think more creatively…reach outside of the box and STRETCH your imagination.

For example on this Opera night page I used paper I bought at a little art store in downtown Bratislava and…yep…the hotel sewing kit!


Two minutes later after a little cutting, a few stitches and a couple laughs with Mr. C. I have a fabulous journaling block that only cost me about .10 cent euro and was made with completely found local items.


Another thing that can help you to be creative when traveling is to remember the importance of a pen. If you look below you can see that this page with the butterfly’s is a little boring and the items look disconnected.


A few minutes of sitting on the train or relaxing in the hotel room can create this…journaling captured in a series of doodles representing butterfly flight paths.

DSC_0715Don’t you love the instax photo on the above page? Accidental shot!

I hope you enjoyed this quick little look into my International Smash book and tips on travel journaling!

P.S. Wishing a very Happy Birthday to Mimi today!! You can read all about her birthday here.



  1. So cute--it will be so fun to use that to look back on your travels.

  2. Very cool! I definitely plan on keeping a little journal the next trip we take. I bought one of the Amy Tangerine Daybooks :)

  3. I fail at travel journals, but yours looks like fun!


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