Monday, February 27, 2012

Zimt und Zucker

Sunday was so relaxing… we spent the day in a little café called “Zimt und Zucker” in downtown Stuttgart which in English roughly translates to “Cinnamon and Sugar.” With hearts on the window, and an interior filled with whimsical cuckoo clocks, comfy sofas, little gnomes and a kind attentive staff the café achieves an edgy modern look yet still makes you feel as if you are sitting at your grandmas. This to me equals a comfy fun place to hang out with friends and work on my current DIY projects the lace shawl cold mountain and my embroidered new years clutch.

And the food! So great! We had lavender punsch, homemade bagels with rucola pesto and the best waffles which live up to the café’s name of cinnamon and sugar. One of the best parts of the café is their gluten-free, lactose-free and vegan options. A definitive plus for a girl who is not supposed to eat gluten but is constantly doing it anyways!

If you are in downtown Stuttgart and looking for a fun place to knit, stitch and  enjoy a afternoon with friends make sure you visit this the Zimt und Zucker café!


P.S. The lovely iphone pictures are courtesy of Sydney!



  1. sounds like a wonderful little café!
    such a shame I never been there during my time in Stuttgart... but as this is 4 years ago, maybe it was not open back then??
    have a lovely sunday night!

  2. what wonderful photos. yumm...


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