Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thoughts on Growth and Change…



{image credit: Cut Out + Keep, check out their pattern!}

“To grow, a lobster must shed its old shell numerous times, Each shedding renders the creature totally defenseless until the new shell forms…When risk becomes frightening, think of the lobster; vulnerability is often the price of growth.”


-Richard Armstrong

Are you struggling with life changes? I love this visual of being ready for change and vulnerability. It is often difficult to realize our vulnerabilities when we are so busy trying to fit into the shell of an old life that no longer fits us; when we are so busy assuring ourselves and those around us of that we are ok when we are really not. My challenge today is to open myself up for growth and change even when painful. To remember that life is an adventure both the good and the bad.

I hope this quote inspires and challenges you in your daily adventures today!



  1. Good to see you back blogging Katie!! Just namechecked the blog on a two peas post!! Carsmc

  2. So happy to see you're back!! I'm with you on shedding layers and regrowth..fresh chances. I feel that way every fall during my birthday month. Who needs New Years just once a year? Reinvention can come a few times a year. :) Thanks for the inspiration!


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