Sunday, October 7, 2012

Version Scrap Round-Up

How do you know when your summer has flown by at light speed? When you are still blogging about a spring event! I know most blogs at this time of year are full of pretty wreathes and odd activities like apple bobbing and ten different ways to re-use the fallen leaves in your yard…but I had to share these fun photos of my trip to Paris with my friend Julie.

DSC_00461. Met Celine Navarro from The Green Frog Studio and {entreARTistes}magazine and she is super great. We attended her photography class not realizing that it would all be in French, luckily she took pity on us and translated portions. It made for a fun experience!


2. Made an awesome book in Celine’s class and used so many masks and mists. I have to admit there were scary parts of this class…like when the class charged the misting tables and started spraying everywhere.

scissors3. Used these awesome scissors to create a make and take, can you believe the size of the scissors? I could not resist a picture to show off the size…wanted to make a scary face but thought it might be a little too much for the blog…I mean seriously those scissors are scary!


We had a great time scrapbooking, eating macaroons and how many times can you attend a scrapbook conference and head to dinner under the Eiffel tower afterwards?

If you visited my blog today seriously hoping for tutorials using fallen leaves you can always check out the board on pinterest…sorry I could not resist *grin*.




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