Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Childhood Memories Art Journal

The business of moving uncovers a lot of things that you maybe have not looked at in a while. Old school certificates, a shoe with no match and other random items. The other day I was sorting books and came across an old Madame Alexander "Little Women" journal.

The journal was given to me by my older sister as a young teenager in the height of my doll collecting hobby. As I grew out of doll collecting habit this journal was never completed, I think at first because I did not want to "wreck" it and then I simply grew older and put away a lot of childhood treasures. As I flipped through the blank journal I started thinking of all the other childhood items I have found in the move. Stickers I found that were pretty, my favorite books, items I knitted and crocheted, old photos and my creative juices started moving.

I took the book to my art room and then rudely took a knife to it. It has a glue binding and came apart rather easily. I then stitched every 4-5 pages together with the sewing machine to give them a little more weight and started creating. I pulled out all the childhood items I had been finding, started jotting down memory triggers and finished my first two pages.

Sargent Inspired Art: This page describes the first time I viewed a Sargent painting, how looking into the eyes of his creations helped to inspire my love of art. The page is overwhelmingly purple because it was my FAVORITE color at that stage in my life and was one of the reasons I loved the particular painting on the page.  
Supplies: A sticker from a book I purchased at the art museum as a girl, fabric left-over from a doll dress I made approx. age 12, oil pastels, pencil and ink.

Elsie Dinsmore: This page features a quote from one of my favorite book series as a girl of around age 8. The book series was written in the 19th century and is very soft and feminine and I wanted to reflect it on my page. I tried to challenge myself while making my page and restricted the colors to a color challenge at Crate Paper.
Supplies: Emma's Shoppe (CP) chipboard and paper, Stampin' Up "Tres Chic" stamp, yellow star trinket pin (MR), lace I purchased in Hungary, oil pastels, floss, pencil, ink.

I am really having a lot of fun with this little art journal. I am mainly using Emma's Shoppe from Crate Paper for purchased paper and embellishments. All other supplies are handmade, childhood items or random bits of fabric, clothing and colors that inspire me.

I hope you will look forward to the watching this journal progress over the coming weeks, and join me on the journey towards completion.


  1. This is a great idea. Dad bought a book for me when I was young and I have all sorts of things in could make an art journal from. Thanks for thereat idea. Your art journal looks amazing.

  2. A lovely idea - I have started a few art journals but never really had a theme to follow, this is such a great idea - thanks for sharing your lovely work :)

  3. How clever! These look great! It is so cool that you have come across all of these things, and that you found such a creative way to capture the memories! Thanks for sharing!


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