Saturday, June 25, 2011

My New DSLR Camera!

Blurry images + inaccurate colors = FRUSTRATION!

Until yesterday when my new baby arrived…

After slightly (ok glancing at it long enough to ensure I charged the battery correctly) I started playing with the features by trial and error and captured these images from our day today.

Eggs, checking to make sure Mr. C. was not going to go on a walk without him (notice all the boxes? yup my camera arrived in those!)
Our little German village had it’s annual bike ride today…
Mr. C.’s late night indulgence made for great ISO practice
Bored at being considered “just” a model.
I was most curious to see how the new camera would capture on close-ups which is where I had most of my previous frustration. The camera did great…so great I think I need to name it, stay tuned for that…I need a few more days to really get to know her personality! In case you are wondering about what these close-up’s are, they are pieces "in-progress" of a surprise 4th of July gift for my mom.

Love looking at photo’s? Check out my little Sister Olivia’s blog, “Liv in the Moment.” Her photo’s are beautiful and as a high-school students have already won several awards. Stop by her home and give her some love!

DSC_0946 copy
A Liv in the Moment Photo Capture…


  1. You had me smiling with the boxes! Sometimes, even the smallest things comes wrapped in a big box with lots of styrofoam inserts.

  2. Enjoy your new camera! I love the cycling pictures. You are so lucky that they came right through your town :)

  3. Welcome to the POTD! And congrats on your new camera!! What did you get?? How fun that you get bikers riding through your town!! and I Love that last shot!

  4. Great pics! What type of DSLR did you get?
    Thanks for stoping by my blog and for the lovely comment. It made my day! :)

  5. Thank you for such a lovely comment, I meant everything I said in my comment on your blog! It was a wonderful post.


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