Sunday, June 26, 2011

Love in Lisboa

I could not resist anymore and signed up for the monthly paper kit from Studio Calico. I received the June kit, “Paper Moon” last week and created my first layout with it today. This layout is really special to me because it documents a week in my life (March 2011) where Mr. C. and I reconnected after being apart for several months.


When you are away from your significant other it is not just the, “I miss you” that becomes hard but when in different time zones and feeling a world away you find that your lives start to take different paths. When I officially came to Germany to join Mr. C. we left immediately to go to Lisboa (Lisbon), Portugal and the first day was pretty rough. Mr. C. was excited to see me and I was excited to see him but I felt lost… like a part of me was still at the airport in the city I considered home. We needed that week in Portugal.


We spent hours sitting at outdoor cafes listening to music until the wee-hours of the morning just talking, sharing all the little funny things that had happened to us which are difficult to say over the phone. One night we went to a café just for an appetizer and started talking and laughing and 4 hours later finally left! I think the experience taught us both that when you are apart for a long time it is important to go to a new place to re-discover each other. In the new-place neither of you has commitment’s and activities that you built in the absence of your partner. I suppose it could be called “neutral” territory!

portugal 06_26_11small

I used Mister Huey's with my doily stamp for a washed effect and as a dye for the doilies used to represent the circle in the sketch. The little adventure badge in the corner was purchased in Hungary, the tissue flower was handmade and all other items are from Paper Moon and Studio Calico.


  1. Every time I come across your blog, I am enchanted by your art and your words!

    Thanks a lot :)

  2. Amazing page & wonderful story! Enjoying your blog. :)


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