Sunday, June 19, 2011

Pretty Little Studio Design Team

I have been a little quiet the last two weeks and I am armed and ready with a lock solid excuse! While some of you may have been thinking Mrs. C. started a new job…death to the blog! This is not accurate it was more like internet still won’t work, Mr. C.’s laptop crashed and therefore took Mrs. C.’s on business to Montenegro…death to the blog!

So what have you missed in the last two weeks? In addition to starting the new job I have been visiting in Austria doing the American tourist must, “The Sound of Music Tour,” visiting Triberg, Germany and watching how a cuckoo clock is made and waiting for Mr. C. to come home from Montenegro and bring me my computer! (and kisses xoxo). I have also been completing my submissions for the Pretty Little Studio design team contest.

I hesitate to even post it here, because if I don’t win part of me feels like I will be totally crushed and not want to tell people but the other half of me thinks who cares if I don’t win? I had a great time making beautiful things with product I love and had the gut’s to actually submit them for a chance to do something I really…really want.

One of the items I made was a corsage pin made with a Pretty Little Studio Mother’s Day freebie. I finished it last night and Mr. C. did an impromptu photo shoot for my submission before we head to Ramstein today.




When I saw the Mother’s Day circle tag I thought it screamed the need to go onto a corsage pin. Have you been to the Pretty Little Studio site? They have little circle tags like the one on my pin with images of babies, boys and girls, Easter bunnies and clowns. How cute would a “new dad,” “happy birthday I’m 6” or even little Easter bunny and chick pin corsages be when attached to Easter baskets and cards.


I think I will close with what Shaun calls my “gangster” shot, and a note that after seeing these pictures I need to weed my garden. Have a great Sunday and wish me luck in the contest!


  1. Good job, Katie! Hope you win. I love the pictures....especially the "gangsta" Katie.

  2. Good luck with the contest! Love the corsage! It turned out great! Hope you had fun on your Sound of Music tour. It sounds like ablast! Thanks for sharing!


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