Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Monday Inspiration: Your Own Backyard

We have a houseguest this week which means I have had a lot less time for my normal routine. Usually a houseguest does not cause so much upheaval but when the houseguest is your first in a new home, first in a new country and is staying for a week it takes more time to prepare. You may be thinking, does she not like house guests? Not true! I love them. I especially love how a guest can cause you to look around your surroundings with fresh eyes.



Instead of simply riding the train, you are realize how cool that must seem to someone who doesn’t take it every day. Instead of rushing to the store to buy what you need you stop and look at the beauty of you every day. Having a houseguest reminded me of how cool the city I live in, Stuttgart, Germany is and how we need to find things to remind ourselves of this fact. Mr. C and I have only been here a few months and I already forgot!



I took these pictures while showing our guest the city. I love the clouds and clean lines. Have you taken pictures of your own backyard to inspire your art? Maybe a restaurant logo, the flowers in your garden or simply the rays of the sun this Summer?

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