Sunday, July 10, 2011

World Cup 2011

Mr. C. and I drove out to the FIFA Women’s World Cup game in Augsburg today, we had a blast. I have not been to a Stadium in Germany before so a new experience is always and adventure!


Lessons Learned:
  1. Arrive early if going to the Augsburg stadium, really early or better yet drive to a nearby train station park, and ride the train from there. Parking was horrible!
  2. Don’t expect numerous food options, like sushi and Thai along with your hotdog vendors like we do in the States. The stadium had a lot of food stands but they all sold the same thing some really good pork sausages that Mr. C. and I enjoyed.
  3. Same goes for memorabilia. Multiple stands, all selling the same items (at least at the World Cup games). If you find what you want in the size you need buy it. Don’t keep walking hoping to find a stand with different items as they might sell out while you look!
  4. The crowds are really, really excited. Scream, stamp your feet and go crazy excited. I have been to a lot of games in the States but this was definitely one of the rowdiest, which made it a lot of fun.
  5. I really like going to games with my best friend, Mr. C.

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