Saturday, August 6, 2011

Art Journal Remix

So you saw my first stab at the out of the journal challenge in my last post. I have been staring at it thinking it does not really scream me, my style or the message I wanted to convey. Sometimes when we create that is fine because we are re-defining our style or trying out new techniques but this time? I think I was just tired and wanting to make sure that I made “something” for the out of the journal challenge.


The out of the journal canvas I completed earlier this week.

This afternoon I grabbed a German magazine I have been saving from back when Mr. C. and I were living in the hotel and started flipping through it for ideas. I knew that I wanted to keep the same canvas and elements and capture the craziness of the day. Success!


Same canvas from earlier this week; no elements were taken away from the original canvas however gesso, magazine clippings and faber-castell pens were added.

I am so much happier with the way this canvas turned out. I captured my style and the message I wanted to convey. That sometimes life is crazy circus, people try to take you down but you can rise above, reflect inward and find your own inner peace. I love this canvas, especially how the magazine font on the elephant talks about one day in Germany. While I love the results the constant critic in me think’s I may need to add some cute little felt headbands, a girl has to have accessories right?


On a side note, did you see I misspelled circus? Or perhaps I should say I was distracted in dream world and accidently wrote an o instead of a u since I cannot figure out how a person can misspell circus! I started to fix it and Mr. C. asked me why? Isn’t that why we create art? So we can look at the past little mistakes and laugh about what happened to cause it? I started thinking about what he said and it’s true…that is why I like having art on my wall because it’s one of a kind, riddled with mistakes and possibilities and vision just like life. I have such a clever husband!


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