Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Out of the Art Journal on a Bad Day!

I love the creative process because it get’s me thinking, remembering, analyzing and feeling my daily adventures. Today’s daily adventure consisted of nasty comments at work, a few tears husband hugs and a trip to my favorite place to eat for lunch (Mr. C. thought I needed some spoiling). Lunch was followed by more work, thankfully no more tears and the execution of a creative dare Mr. C. issued to make me feel better. The creative dare can be found in the picture below, yes that is highlighter make-up as in paper highlighter make-up…on my face.


What possessed me to turn my face into a highlighter canvas? My crying jag which seemed to last longer because I was upset I was crying which made me cry harder (why do we do these things?) made my make-up almost non-existence. After talking to Mr. C. about how to fix the things at work that caused the tears of frustration in the first place I began to whine (yes readers it was whining) about my make-up disappearing. Silly Mr. C. rather than commiserate thought I should simply use what was available and handed me an ink pen in place of lipstick which really made me laugh. So before I left work tonight I gave myself the sharpie make-over you see above Mr. C. laughed so hard at the surprise!

While Sharpie make-up is a great cure for what ails you I still felt hurt and frustrated by the days events and thought I would start my first canvas for the Dina Stamps and Journal Girl challenge, “Out of the Journal.” The goal of this month long creative process is two create two art journal layouts a week on canvas for the wall rather than art bound in your journal.

Here is the process I used to create my first art journal on canvas creation.


Misted canvas with Studio Calico Mr. Huey in lemonade, blue-grass and barnwood.


Quickly did a rough sketch of a heart with charcoal on bristol board.


Painted heart and wings with gesso, acrylic and these fabulous water-based glimmer paints. I bought them at a convention several years ago and love them but sadly cannot remember the brand name! One of the best $5.00 I have spent.


Added charcoal accents to wings and heart and cut out roughing the edges. I wanted it to look like the heart was shining outwards and used the water- based glimmer paints to begin painting rays coming out of the heart.


I decided that I wanted to journal how when the actions of other are interpreted as mean-spirited or things hurt us our first reaction is to want to close our hearts. I changed my mind on the position of the wings to demonstrate this instinctive reaction.


I added the remaining rays of color, charcoal accents and journaling. The journal message states, “Don’t allow the actions of others teach you to hide your heart.” The imagery is meant to show that even if you feel like closing yourself off from the world your heart still desires to give, to love and to experience. These three things are too important to allow others to control them based on fear.

If you are looking for a fun project this month I really encourage you to take the, “Out of the Journal” challenge. The canvas I made today was quick, fun and a great was to express myself.


Thought I would end today with one more look at the sharpie-makeover and the hope that if your adventure today was as raw and intense as mine it gives you a laugh as well!


  1. Cute, are the Twinkling H2O's?

  2. They are very similar, but I think they are an off brand I only know that detail because I can remember comparing the two and choosing the ones on this canvas because they were less expensive lol. Thanks for the comment!

  3. I love your canvas art! Your watercolor palette looks like the one made by Niji....I have the same one.


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