Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Monday Inspiration: Studio Calico

I have been looking at monthly scrapbooking kit’s for a few years but never actually ‘signed up’ to participate with a kit club as a member. It seemed expensive, and too large of a commitment when I could simply run to the craft or scrapbooking store to grab the same supplies. The whole adage of, “you never know what you have until you don’t have it” has definitely rung true for me since moving overseas. Now that I can no longer run to my local scrapbooking store, opening up the mail for a big box of SURPRISE! is definitely helping to keep me motivated.


Have to drink the Pimms when in London baby!

As always Mr. C. helped me to finally make the decision to join the club. Last month’s theme was, “Mind the Gap” which made me think automatically of London.


The best crepe place in London (South Kensington)

I. Love. London.

Mr. C. first noticed me as a girl (ok a girl he was interested in lol) in London, I took my first overseas trip to London, saw my first castle in London, visited the home of my favorite author (Jane Austen) in London and had a wonderful time with one of my closest friends (twice!) and baby sister.


Since the Studio Calico kit brought London to mind I decided to only scrap photos from my various trips to the U.K. can we say challenging? Only using kit supplies and limiting my photo options? It sounded hard when I first talked myself into it (the inside voices were really chattering last weekend) but once I started creating I found that it really focused my efforts and I completed over six layouts in a matter of hours!


I love the layouts I created. Northern Ireland, Tower of London, Stonehenge,, Dublin, Bath, Buckingham Palace, pubs, tours, the White Cliffs of Dover, Hampton Court, Covent Gardens and the list goes on. Stay tuned over this next week to see the full layouts with tutorials!


Will I really post the layouts and tutorials later this week, ask yourself am I holding up this castle? If you believe it can happen! *grin*.

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