Thursday, October 20, 2011

Animal Crackers for Max

Poor little Max…he has to chew on his shoe! Doesn’t he have some super cool wool toys? I think Aunt Katie and the Wild Olive etsy store need to come to the rescue!


My little nephew has plenty of toys as all little first born children do (as a middle child myself…trust me on this lol)…but I could not resist this cure little Animal Crackers pattern in the Wild Olive etsy store.

il_570xN.194334624Image Source: Wild Olive Etsy Store

I am working hard to embroider these cute little crackers! Love how these look but are thinking you are not great at embroidery and don’t really want to start a big new adventure without help? Then check out the Wild Olive blog for embroidery tutorial goodness!


Have you made handmade toys for the little ones in your life? I would love to hear if you have and why they are special!

If you reading my Garmisch-Partenkirchen series, Part 3 is still coming so stay tuned!

- Katie

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