Monday, October 24, 2011

Garmisch-Partenkirchen Part 3

Ok…here it is…the final chapter regarding our happy days in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Splashes of memories containing the Zugspitze, the Partnach Gorge, a kind man named Freddie and an amazing Italian spaghetti. Do you often find yourself on an adventure and when it is over the memories seem to blur and blend until all you remember is the emotions? I think the emotions from this trip will always be with me.

DSC_1358 copyThe Partnach Gorge

I will remember awe at the sight of the mountains and lakes…I will remember compassion for a man who lost so much…I will remember the awkwardness, sadness, joy and laughter while visiting family I thought was lost to me. And I will always remember how thankful I felt to be able to bring my parents to Germany to visit with their family and friends, to bring back their childhood adventures.

DSC_1394 copyThe Partnach Gorge

Have you been on an adventure lately that leaves you with so many emotions even reflecting back on it gives you the chills? Perhaps a happy memory like the birth of a child or a sad one due to the death of a loved one. We often think of adventures in terms of happy exciting things rather than realizing that we have adventures every day, both good and bad. That moments when our emotions cause the breath to catch and the heart to beat faster, the moments that form our everyday adventures of life.

This is what I try to remember…not to scrap and document each and every small moment of memory but to scrap the emotions that make up my life adventures.

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- Katie

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