Monday, October 31, 2011

Burg Frankenstein

Last weekend I spent the day with 100 guests at the Burg Frankenstein in Darmstadt, Germany. It was so fun to be able to experience a Halloween event in a castle, especially an old, decrepit castle that may have sponsored Mary Shelley’s book Frankenstein. The castle has been known as Castle Frankenstein since the 13th century when it was built by the Frankenstein family (which has since died out). During the 1600’s an alchemist by the name of Johann Conrad Dippel was born in Castle Frankenstein which was then being used as a hospital. Dippel was made famous by conducting various experiments and breaking from the church leading to rumors of him making deals with the devil, and other accusations. Some of his beliefs included the thought that a soul could be transferred into another body through the use of a funnel. Dippel’s birth in the castle may have been what linked the idea of a scientist creating new life through experimentation with the name Frankenstein. Whatever inspired the 19 year old Mary Shelley is unknown to me, but I really enjoyed viewing the castle and imagining the possibilities.

If you are planning a visit to the castle during the Halloween season with your family please be advised as some parts are really scary! I tend to be more of a ‘cute’ fan than ‘blood’ fan so while I really enjoyed the visit I cannot say that I would take my children. Enjoy the pics and stay tuned for my Paris re-cap and mini-album!

DSC_0924 copyDSC_1034 copyDSC_0938 copyDSC_0940 copyDSC_0967 copyDSC_1016 copyDSC_0998 copyDSC_1022 copy

- Katie


  1. Sounds awesome!!! The photos are all AMAZING!!! :)

  2. OMGosh! Fabulous photos! And what an amazing experience...x


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