Monday, December 12, 2011

Fiber Shopping in Lithuania

I was excited to visit Lithuania, one because it’s a foreign country and a member of the Baltic states (can we say beautiful architecture?) and two because of this article Lithuanian Knitting Traditions in Knitting Traditions 2011 by Interweave Press. The magazine features patterns of Lithuanian origin and details the travels of Donna Druchunas and her fiber shopping adventures. Have I mentioned how much I love knitting?
I immediately visited, checking their knitting store database for places in Lithuania…reflecting back on this, it was unnecessary. Upon arriving at the airport I picked up a city map and on it saw a big advertisement for Vilnos Namai. This store is great the color selections, and raw wool was great…but the best part was the price. We are talking over 1 kilogram (which is 50 gram skeins x 20) of various wool types and colors for less $45 dollars (35 euro)!
I visited the first day, and the second day and really wanted to go back the third day but managed to hold myself back. I could make the excuse that the location was the main reason I was attracted, sitting right in the heart of the old town next to the Vilnius Cathedral and the beautiful Christmas tree but this would be a lie. I am simply very, very obsessed with fiber.
If you are a not a knitter but love the look of wool garments and art you should check out the various wool art shops. I spent a good hour (ok probably hour and a half) in one of these shops laughing with a friend and according to the shop girl exclaiming “oh wow,” at crazily frequent intervals. Hats, jewelry and even clothing are on display for amazing prices.
In the end I am very thankful that I was able to visit this wonderful city to see their wool fiber crafts first hand. If you have the chance to visit this city make sure that you take the time to stop in some of the stores for a wool adventure!
- Katie

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