Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Years Resolution: Paper Style

I have been thinking a lot lately about new years solutions, recording the best things about 2011 and what I hope to be the best things about 2012. Which means with all of this thinking I have been searching on the internet for inspiration…a lot… and I wanted to share some the great paper projects I found with you!

AnniesBlueRibbonGeneralStoreCredit{Image Credit: Annie’s Blue Ribbon General Store}

If you have a New Year’s Party every year then how great are these letterpress drink coasters? Guests can fill them in as the party happens and you can place pictures and journaling on the back and bind them with a small hole in the corner to make a tiny mini-album. Great to bring out at next years party for laugh’s, and possibly a little crying (ha-ha) as you talk about what everyone experienced in the past year. They are available in packs of 8 from Annie’s Blue Ribbon General Store.

designspongecalendarjournal-08{Image Credit: Design Sponge}

This is a fun, and easy way to create a “Best of the Year”or 365 Calendar developed by the Design Sponge for vintage fans. Each index card represents a day of the year to record your favorite daily happenings on with each month separated by a vintage post card. I thought, why not even add little photos, ticket stubs and other favorite things? You can read more about the project and directions at the Design Sponge.

sweetpapertreatswordpress{Image Credit: Brenda Weaver, at Sweet Paper Treats}

How about a New Years Resolution mini-album like this 2010 album by Brenda Weaver? Take a visit over at her blog Sweet Paper Treats to see all the great pictures and project notes she has developed to make your own great mini-album.

RunLucasRunNewYear{Image Credit: Run Lucas Run}

I love this New Years Printable kit by Lindsay over at Run Lucas Run! It features several printable downloads designed to get you thinking about new opportunities for 2012 and also where you are in the present. The image, dear me is a letter to yourself on what is special to you on New Year’s Eve 2011 to be opened on New Year’s Eve 2012. All I can say about this letter writing is what a great idea! Make sure you head over to Lindsay’s blog to read about this project, and download your own free kit!

UndertheSycamoreBestofMyDays{Image Credit: Ashley Ann, Under the Sycamore}

I discovered Ashley’s site via Pinterest the other day and love it! Under the Sycamore is a great place to read about adoption, family and fun DIY projects. Her Best of My Days 2012 notepad is a great project to start and track one statement that captures your day every day of the 2012 year in a fun printable download. Best part? The download is free! So check hop on over to her blog and grab your own Best of My Days Notepad.

AliEdwardsE_OLW{Image Credit: Ali Edwards}

If you are not into the idea of making resolutions, or are perhaps disillusioned by all the resolutions made and never fulfilled you should really check out the One Little Word project by Ali Edwards. The idea is to choose one word to live your life by for the year. You can choose Peace, Love, Reality, Go, Adventure the word is completely up to you. In 2011 Mr. C and I chose the word Eliminate. This word was chosen because our move overseas and the subsequent stuff both physical and emotional that accompanied us was just too much and was preventing us from living our lives the way we wanted! If you want to read more about our Elimination project you can check it out on our blog here.                

AnnaLantsPinterestNewYears{Image Credit: Pinterest}

To help you get started with ideas, and inspiration to reflect and think on where you are in life and your goals for the new year then take a look at Anna Lants Pinterest board for some needed inspiration. Have you used Pinterest before? If not feel free to look around and visit my pinboards at and request a Pinterest invite!

So now that we have all been inspired I just have one thing to say…


Happy New Years Eve from Mr. C., Katie and our little puppy Eggs.



  1. These are great ideas! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. such great ideas for celebrating a new year!I love that Pinterest board you included.I'm going to have to pin a few of those for myself.
    Thanks so much for including my New Year's resolutions mini album!

  3. This is GREAT! Thanks for all the ideas.
    PS-I love that your puppy's name is 'eggs'...

    A {Little} Dab of Glue

  4. I love all your little finds. Off to investigate a few of them a little more. Great post!

  5. These are all awesome!!! Thanks for sharing! :)

  6. Thanks for sharing, these are great!

    Sarah x

  7. Oh lots of inspiration here! Love them!

  8. thanks for the inspiration.
    I resolve to nap more.

  9. Hi Katie,
    I found your blog through the BPC forum and I have to say that it is really beautiful. You have such gerat photos and a unique style, captivating. I hope, that you really enjoy your time in Europe and that our country is welcoming. Have you ever taken part in a Germany scrapbooking workshop event?
    All the best,


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