Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Paris Field Guide Travel Journal

So I shared yesterday my absolute and surprising love of Paris. One of the things I really loved about the city was the shopping! A shop I really enjoyed this little shop…
DSC_0245 copy
The shop was full of washi tapes, scrapbook papers, books and other fun paper items. It was in this store that I found most of the items that I used in my Paris Field Guide travel journal.

For the cover of the travel journal I found a reprint of an old cashier book and altered the front with mists and washi tape collected from the trip. Our you a Studio Calico fan? Do the other elements look familiar? They are from the Studio Calico Field Guide kit, I thought that the Field Guide kit was appropriate for my one day travel guide of Paris.
DSC_0198 copy
This journal was so fast and easy to make. I took the found book and removed the staples holding the pages in. I then used various sized papers from the Studio Calico Field Guide kit along with the pages that were removed from the book and painted, misted and stitched to my hearts content! I then reassembled the completed pages within the book cover by stitching a center seam to form the binding. To help stabilize the binding I applied washi tape along the outside binding. I also used washi tape to cover the insides of the front and back cover to hide my stitching and it ended up looking great.

My favorite part of the Paris Field Guide travel journal?

I love the personality I was able to convey in the book. Even though some pages don’t have words the color choices and photo finishes are all soft, and romantic like our day in Paris. I also was able to add humor to the book such as this page with the little puppy in the corner, reminiscent of how he looked waiting for his owner.

Next time I go to Paris? I am bringing my sisters!

(see example below *grin*)
- Katie


  1. What a beautiful book. I really love what you did with the cover. Wonderful adventures too!

  2. this is so so beautiful.. love it all!

  3. I love this little book, so magical.
    I would love to travel to Paris some day :)

  4. Yes, I'm a SC fan...I love how your book came out...and what a really amazing trip!

  5. Wow your mini is amazing. So fun and creative. And what a great shop you found.

  6. What a great little shop you found. Your book looks great!

  7. I want the red one ;) Can't wait and CUTE book!

  8. I call the yellow one with the sweet blue shoes :D I'M SO EXCITED!


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