Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Year’s 2012 Projects

I am still so surprised that the new year is coming! This last year has been full of so many changes, adventures and love that I sometimes feel like my heart wants to burst with happiness.

Do you ever feel so happy that you feel scared? Scared that you will become used to this feeling and then one day it will disappear and you are left with nothing but thoughts of how happy you once were? This is where I smack myself. If you feel the self negativity of the above statements oozing into your computer screen feel free to reach out and smack me (gently please!) as well.

I smack myself because happiness is something inside of yourself. It is sometimes hard to find, and sometimes so hard to find you are positive that you have lost it but it is there. And one lesson I have learned the hard way? Looking back on some of the happiest times in your life and feeling depressed because you feel like those times are gone and will cause only one thing…unhappiness. So as you read this message know that I am writing it for one purpose to remind myself as we welcome the year 2012 to keep this wisdom close to my heart and to simply…

Be Happy.

One thing that makes me happy? Pretty girls dressed in New Years Day duds! Have you decided on your party accessories for the your New Years Eve Bash? You may be thinking “Katie, I plan on welcoming the New Year by laying on my sofa, eating a giant cheeseball and watching cartoon re-runs…” and I will say…

I hope your laying on that sofa wearing your giant purple 2012 tiara!

Our home party last year included these fabulous numbers below, stitched by my little sister Emily.


The barrettes are so easy and fun to make! All you need is felt, embroidery thread and a small barrette, the metal kind that clamp closed flat. The first step is to stitch the front of your New Year’s Eve felt and then using thread attach the barrette to the back piece of felt pulling taught to ensure it is secure. Finally, attach the front embroidered piece to the back piece of felt using a decorative stitch.

The barrette above used medium blue for the back piece of felt and aqua blue for the embroidered front. The decorative stitch used was a blanket stitch with purple embroidery thread.

You can find more about my sister Emily’s and other family members arts and crafts projects at Five Sisters & Co. And remember…

Champagne even when drank out of a plastic cup on your sofa is still champagne…



Happy New Year!

- Katie


  1. I love your 2011 barrette. I'll have to try an make one. Thanks

  2. Fun barrette! Happy new year and cheers to just being happy! (My life goal is to just be happy :)

  3. Happy New Year to you too! Those barrettes are so cute! :)

  4. Love the barrettes and as for the champagne, I have to agree!


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