Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Must. Love. Paris.

Will I have readers boo if I state that I have never really had a dream to go to Paris? I want to walk the Great Wall of China, go on Safari, stand at the top of the Grand Canyon and marvel at the wonder of Russia. Paris just seemed…slightly over-done.

Can we say I am now eating my words?

Mr. C. and I went on a 24 hour day trip to Paris and were so impressed! The architecture, the history, the perfect tree lined streets and warm croissants.


You may now be wondering if we had no real desire to see Paris why go? Well …

If an adventure presents itself then go on the adventure!

We had such a wonderful time, we cannot wait to go back! The best part? While the moving overseas process was hard I love that we can now leave home in the morning, visit Paris and be back home on the same day!


When we returned home from this fabulous city I just had to create a custom travel journal with all of the little finds from the city…washi tape, vintage journal prints and fun little travel items. Make sure you to stop by the blog tomorrow to see all the travel journal details!

DSC_0198    Mr. C. and I together…enjoying the best croissants ever and enjoying a day simply being together.

- Katie

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