Saturday, November 12, 2011

Buttons…Buttons and More Buttons!

Elimination 2011 is going great! I cannot wait to post the pictures of my new art space. By the words new I mean cleared of all the junk and clutter that was my creative arch-nemesis.

One thing I have learned going through boxes of items is that I have a lot, did I just say a lot of arts and crafts items? I think moving overseas has helped inflate my number of items because I now order in bulk to save on shipping and trips to the States involve buying massive amounts of stock that is either not available or much more expensive here in Germany. Such as these buttons:

I was so excited to buy them, bags of buttons for only $1.59. Then I had to find a place for them and organize them by color. Needless to say it made me question my buying enthusiasm!

I am now off to finish sewing my new curtains. If you are just now joining the blog please check out the Elimination 2011 post here: Elimination 2011 and remember to follow if you like what you read!


  1. Good luck with your goal.
    It is a big one, enjoy the proces....I am sure you will be finding lots of "why did I get this again" moments ;)

  2. Have fun sorting things out and re-rediscovering (yes, double "re" because you moved) your stash :)

  3. love the organzation or the buttons.....

  4. Good luck with the sorting...I love buttons :)


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