Friday, November 25, 2011

Italia Week Day Four: Florence

Happy Thanksgiving! Ok…I know technically this post is a day late…but if you have a chance to dance with your husband in Italy vs. working on a blog post…what would you choose?

DSC_0407 copy

Thanksgiving this year was different, no turkey

…just flaming beef at the "I tre pini” restaurant.  Live Italian music, singing, dancing unlimited wine, food and fun.

DSC_0110 copy

We spent the first part of our day in the city of Florence (Firenze in Italy) and it was beautiful!

DSC_0084 copyBrunelleschi’s Dome in the Duomo was simply awe-inspiring.

DSC_0146 copy

The statue of David, the tombs of Michaelengelo, Galieo, Machiavelli and the “Doors of Paradise.”

Then we took a trip to a local leather store, where the demonstrated various leather techniques. Did you know Florence it known for it’s gold and leather crafts? While they tried pretty hard to sell us on items I was asked to be their “model” for the store which was fun,

DSC_0225 copy

how many girls can say they modeled clothes in Italy?

DSC_0299 cop1

Some of the tombs in the Santa Croce were so poignant and tragic, simply beautiful.


Happy Thanksgiving from Italy!

- Katie

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