Monday, November 21, 2011

Italia Week Day One

This week is Italia week! Mr.C. and I are prepping for our adventure this week by researching places we will see, packing items and creating my latest art journal for the trip!

The paper for this album was purchased in Budapest at a little store called Papirbolt earlier this year. It came on a large roll, wonderfully wrapped…until customs crushed it…well it actually became lost on their imaging machine, you know the conveyor belts where you place your carry-on luggage? *sigh* but no worries, it is all part of the memories right?

To start my “Italia” art journal I cut the large sheet into pieces for each city. My plan is one city per page, and one page of art journaling per city.

Step 1: To start with, I adhered my journal pages onto cardstock and then stitched around the edges with clay brown thread.


Step 2: I then used my faber-castell mixed media supplies to color, scribble and alter the edges.


Step 3: ??? Cannot wait to share with you tomorrow!

By the way, remember my missed Berlin adventure that I shared on Friday? Mr. C. and I did find a fabulous adventure we headed into Downtown Stuttgart Germany to watch them set up for the large market while watching ice skaters and enjoying gluhwein at the small Winterbaum market. It was such a wonderful time.


Another great part of our downtown Stuttgart adventure? I found that in Germany department stores like Macys…have yarn sections. Have I mentioned I really like living here?


- Katie

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