Thursday, November 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Mini-Album

Time flies by when you are having fun! Isn’t that what they say? Last month we celebrated Mr. C.’s birthday and had a great time. Our initial plans had to be cancelled due to an accident on the stairs of our new home. Instead of our awaited dinner on the town I hobbled to a birthday dinner much closer to home with the help of this amazing gym sock to match my dinner dress (plus cover the bandages!).

Do you think I will start a new trend?

Dinner, though a second choice location was fabulous and I was able to give Mr. C. a mini-book that captured memories from his 30th birthday celebration at our old house.

I used the Teresa Collins, “Celebrate” mini-album kit with a lot of changes to achieve the perfect look. I really like the Teresa Collins mini-album kits because in addition to wonderful ideas, there are plenty of extra papers, and accessories to go in whatever creative direction you choose.

For my book, in addition to the bracket pages I used scraps and extra paper (included within the kit) to create pages of various sizes and types to create depth in the book. You can see the diversity in pages by looking at the good times page shown below and the smaller bracket page shown above.

Instead of using the included ring binding, I used my zutter to create the spiral bound binding. Why? The zutter is great option to bind your mini-album if you plan on including birthday cards received at the party!

I included journaling that describes the events leading up to the party because this is important when capturing party memories.Showing these details reminds you of the excitement, craziness and joy of planning a party for the people you love and is a large part of the party memories, don’t forget them!

Mr. C. loved the book, and we finished opening the gifts with fresh, hot apple fritters. Sometimes in life we find that the second-choice life adventures become the best life adventures, like our lovely birthday dinner.

Hot & Fresh Apple Fritters!

- Katie


  1. Love the album!! Fabulous work!! :)

  2. very nice love it and happy belated....

  3. Love the album! Lovely that you captured so many details of that milestone birthday. It turned out fantastic!

  4. I have to say those apple fritters look delish, oh so yummy.
    Your mini album is gorgeous. Such a special gift.

  5. Oh ya and I also watch Once Upon a Time :)

  6. What a fabulous mini album! Love the fun colors!


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