Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Italia Week Day 3

The clock is ticking…only a few more hours until Mr. C. begin our trip to Italy! If you missed day one and the start of the Italia art journal tutorial please check it out here, and if you want to catch up on the second part of the tutorial and our trip itinerary with links to great places in Italy click here.
I have to say that while packing today I was really surprised,

did you know that it is only 50 degrees farenheit in Venice at the moment?

I think the cold may put a damper on all the cute outfits I wanted to bring, or it may just be time to break out the leggings!
Packing is so tedious…though I have to say with all the travel I am getting much better at it, but seriously…does anyone like to pack? I often find that it does give me an excuse to create lists…I love lists.

Love Lists – Hate Packing

Must have list for Italy:
Art Journal
Washi Tape (to tape in all of my fun finds!)
Colored pencils
Kindle…did I put my Kindle on the list? I cannot forget this!
Nikon Camera + Extra Lens + Battery Charger (can you believe I forgot my charger on one of our last trips?)
Cute dresses!
Ok…now that I am done whining about my packing it’s time for the next tutorial steps!
Step 5: I used the coptic book binding to attach all of my pages together as shown below.
Step 6: Cut two pieces of dark brown felt approximately 10” x 6 1/2”. Line each piece up together and adhere a fabRips 2 1/2” x 7 1/4” folding the extra on each end over onto the other side. Then stich the fold lines.
Step 7: Stitch around the entire outside of the two pieces of felt to hold the edges I place. Stitch close to the edge on the long sides, and about 1/2” from the short edges, use your best judgment with your own book. Then trim the short ends with your pinking shears. Finally stitch down each side of the fabRips and every 1/4” across as shown in the photo below. This creates a nice effect and helps the cover flex more.
ItaliaCover copy
Step 8: Cut two lengths of your favorite ribbons and side the art journal into the cover, then wrap and tie the ribbons. This will protect the art journal on your adventures!
Step 9: Your Done!
Please come back tomorrow to read about our fabulous adventures in Florence…now it is back to packing… *sigh*.
- Katie

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  1. Such a cute journal. I LOVED Venice....getting lost in the streets and such a fun vibe. Hope you get some warmer weather :)


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