Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Art Journals

So since I am taking time this week to slow down and enjoy my free time I thought it was a perfect time to write in my art journals.


I am really enjoying this process…though trying to capture my art on camera is pretty difficult with our current camera, I really need to start researching a new one! Any ideas?


Please help!


  1. Beautiful pages!!

    If your current camera has a macro setting (looks like a little flower) on it switch it to that for the close-ups.

  2. Beautiful pages! I love the idea of an art journal and have made a few attempts but just don't feel like I am creative or talented enough.

  3. love the journal! its always nice to have some time to work in those!

    and Erin is right, if your camera has a macro setting, use it. if you're still unhappy, there are some decent point and shoot cameras out there around 150. panasonic lumix series would have to be my personal favorite point&shoots.

    good luck!

  4. Definitely try the macro setting. And, take the picture in natural light without a flash. The flash washes out some colors on layouts. I usually use a black or white background and then auto fix the levels in pse. It really helps!

  5. Thank you for all the helpful tips, and great comments!

  6. Your pages look great. You're very talented.

  7. Thanks for the lovely comments Sandy!

  8. I use a canon G10 (the G12 is out now) to shoot my journal pages and am very pleased with it.


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