Monday, May 30, 2011

Buda Baby! (and Pest too)…

So today started a little rough…speaking slides to prepare, work assignments to complete and by the time 3 o’clock came that last thing I wanted was to pack for my 5 o’clock airport departure. Now I am in a gorgeous hotel…with beautiful views…laying on the rug with a complimentary bottle of wine and can fully certify it was worth it!


When Mr. C. and I entered the hotel room we were both instantly in awe of how gorgeous it was…take a look at the lighting in the room foyer!


The only thing better than the hotel (and being in Hungary) is walking outside of our hotel to see these views.


Today has been full of experiences in learning the importance of perseverance, and doing the hard work to gain a reward. Though I don’t think every rough morning of hard work I have will be followed by wine on a floor in a foreign country, I definitely think it would be nice!


Note to self: Mr. C. exited the airport tonight and let me know how extremely “Hungary” he was and that he needed a snack…I didn’t get the joke for a few minutes…I hope it takes someone reading this at least a few seconds to get the joke…then I won’t feel so alone!

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  1. LOL! Wow! Those pics are gorgeous! I would have to pinch myself to see if what I was seeing was real. Thanks for sharing! :-)


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