Sunday, May 22, 2011

Fruehlingsfest 2011

The Fruehlingsfest ended last weekend, though it earned a lot of money off of Mr. C and I! We ended up going with various friends four times this Spring (aka Fruehling). The Fruehlingsfest is a lot like the Oktoberfest. It is held on permanent fairgrounds has lot’s of local brews, live music, rides and is a great place to party!! Some differences between the two festivals that I noticed is that the The Fruehlingsfest is more local, unlike at Oktoberfest where you can find eleven different nationalities in one day! Yes…I can prove that is possible, we accomplished it back in 2009 *grin*. The music at the The Fruehlingsfest is also a lot more, shall we say diverse? You have the oom-pah bands and the drinking songs but we also had an Elvis impersonator and an upside down guitar player…it was great. The music made me get my dance groove on…Mr. C. was unable to resist…he had to start bench dancing as well.


Check out the costumes on these guys!


If you head out to the Fruehlingsfest next year go to the Grandls tent if you want a crazy party, but if you are looking for a better deal without sacrificing much bench dancing head over to the Göckelesmaier.

Whichever tent you choose make sure you have a reservation or ensure you arrive early (around 1pm on the weekends) to make sure that you can get in. If you forget this important tip you will be like the group that begged us to bring them beers while they waited in a line for a very…very…long time.


This is the first ride that has ever made me feel ill…it might be due to several hours in the Grandls tent prior to riding!
Rockin’ the post beer ice cream…

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