Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Royal Wedding

Mr. C. and I spent the Royal Wedding weekend in Germany rather than London, but only after lot’s of discussion regarding whether or not we should go and be one of the crazies (no offense to anyone who went). It’s not that we wanted to go because of a great desire to see the wedding itself, but rather so that we could tell our future children we were there! Plus, it would be an amazing party and I would get to wear a hat, I love hat’s.

Though we did not attend, I still wanted to say that I had watched the wedding proceedings. It seems that every girl born after 1980 has seen pictures and video’s of Charles and Diana’s wedding and whether they were happy or not it is still supposed to be one of the ultimate visual displays of romance, no matter how it ended. Don’t you think this says something about our ideas of love, marriage and romance? Sadly, the German utilities company we use for internet did not want me to watch the wedding, boo… and I spent the Royal Wedding ceremony sitting in a very hot car outside of the library (it was still closed) using their free internet  to stream bbc.co.uk.

After the Royal Wedding ceremony, I went to the Brueningerland mall to speak with the said utilities company and as I entered I saw this:


Oh my gosh! Evidently the mall had set up a viewing party complete with heart shaped balloons and arch, a table setting display with photos of the bride and groom and other members of their families and a mini-cooper complete with flowers and… drum roll please… a professional photographer complete with lighting! My first thought was how dorky…my next thought was, when will I ever find a Royal Wedding viewing party in a German mall again? ADVENTURE. So I bought myself a slice of pizza and a cola light (not exactly gluten free living) and joined the viewers on the sofa’s to watch the proceedings. I must say…while I may not admit it anywhere other than in type here…my girl heart was very geeked.



On another note, when reflecting on this memory I don’t know what I will find more entertaining…watching the Royal Wedding, or the desperate photographer chasing people down the mall. She was trying to find anyone who would pay 5 euros to get their pictures taken in a mini-cooper covered in roses haha.


The photographer managed to get one!

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