Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Life…Can Be So Crazy!

So the countdown to my new job has started, and my vacation time is almost over which is making me feel pretty stressed. It seems that I always start with a huge list of things to accomplish and as the time flies no matter how many lists I make seems to help with impossible list of tasks that I create for myself and I am left feeling…inadequate. These last few days have been especially rough with the addition of over 20 boxes of IKEA items to add to the already overflowing amount of boxes that we are still unpacking from the move. Every room is covered in items that used to be neatly organized and hung in our closets back in the U.S. but are laying around waiting for the closets to be built here in Germany. Today I gave myself a break and was looking through old pictures and found these from a hiking trip in the Alps Mr. C. and I took back in 2009 during a Germany visit.

To stop…and just enjoy life…

and staring at them for a few minutes rather than the boxes made me feel much better!






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